Elect Bruce Campbell for Clark Regional Wastewater District Commissioner
Keep services affordable and fair Attract businesses and jobs from Oregon Term limits for commissioners
Keep services affordable and fair
Attract businesses and jobs from Oregon
Term limits for commissioners

The Issues

I have had a successful career in business and finance that embraces strategic planning and project management. As our community grows, I can guide us toward a system that works for everyone by prioritizing the following:

  • Keeping services affordable and environmentally friendly. Sewers play a significant role in building and maintaining healthy communities. Affordability is essential. I believe we can grow our community while also protecting sensitive ecosystems.
  • Attracting businesses and jobs from Oregon to expand the tax base and stop Clark County residents from paying non-resident income taxes. Almost 100,000 Washingtonians, mostly from Clark County, commute to Oregon for work – and pay more than $325 Million in non-residential income tax to do so. We can leverage our wastewater services to create a more business-friendly region so our workers (and tax dollars) can stay closer to home.
  • Establishing Term Limits for the CRWD Commissioners. Although the current commissioners have done a great job, they have served more than 20 years on average, with the incumbent seeking his 5th term and was first elected last century. That is too long. I believe that representation on the local, state, or federal level should be limited to a maximum of 12 years.

I will build upon the success of the existing commission and bring a fresh perspective to find common sense solutions in an increasingly challenging regulatory environment.

If these ideas matter to you, please vote and click on the donate button if you can. Rising inflation is impacting campaign expenses as well. Any level of donation can have a meaningful impact on a smaller campaign.

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I appreciate your consideration and support!